.Net MVC Interview Day -1

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ASP .Net

1. What is MVC (Model view controller)?

  • It stands for Model View Controller.
  • MVC framework is used to develop web application.
  • This framework developed by Microsoft on 2007.
  • MVC is an architectural pattern that can be separate tree main component such as Mode, View and Controller.

2. What is Model in MVC ?

  • It is one main component in MVC framework.
  • In other word it is data represent layer in MVC framework that mean It can able to handle data between View and Controller.

3. What is Controller in MVC ?

  • It is another main component in MVC framework.
  • It can able to process the all business logic, manipulating the data and respond to incoming request.
  • It is worked bridge between Model and Controller.

4. What is View in MVC ?

  • It is last main component in MVC framework.
  • It is the user interface layer in MVC framework.
  • This component contains UI logic of application such as from details, form component details etc.

5. What are the advantages of MVC?

  • Extensibility
    • Separation of component Model View Controller.
    • Parallel development process.
    • Modification does not affect the entire model.
  • Easy to provide maintenance
  • Testability
    • Support Test Driven Development (Write your own test case for unit testing).
  • Powerful Routing System
    • Easy to develop SEO-friendly URL.
  • Modern API
    • Support for asynchronous technique.
  • ASP.NET MVC Is Open Source

  1. MVC Framework Introduction
  2. ASP.NET MVC History
  3. Create First Application using MVC Framework
  4. Folder Structure of MVC Project

6. What are the disadvantages of MVC

  • Increased complexity to implement.
  • Cost is more for development time due to need multiple programmers.

7. What are new future of ASP.NET MVC 5 ?

  • It is released on 17-October-2013.
  • It runs on .Net 4.5, 4.5.1 on Visual Studio 2013.
  • Responsive UI using Bootstrap.
  • Authentication filters
  • Asp.Net Identity
  • Attribute based routing
  • Improve service ASP.NET Web API2.

8. What are new future of ASP.NET MVC 6 ?

  • It is released on 18-November-2015.
  • It runs on .Net core 1 on Visual Studio 2017.
  • Cross platform compatibility that means run aspnet core application on Windows or Linux or Mac.
  • Not support Web Forms and Visual Basic.
  • Tag Helpers
  • View Components
  • GruntJS, NPM, and Bower Support.
  • AngularJS
  • ASP.NET Dependency Injection Framework.

9. What is Separation of Concerns in ASP.NET MVC?

It’s is the process of breaking the program into different of module which overlaps in functionality as little as possible. MVC pattern concerns on separating the content from presentation and data-processing from content.

10. What is Razor View Engine?

  • Razor view engine is introduce on mvc 3.
  • It is used to render HTML on view.
  • It concentrate to write simple code to generate HTML template.