Routing in MVC Framework

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ASP .Net
Before start to this session, I want to share some information with you.
In web application, every URL must be match with a specific file on physically otherwise application will throw the error. Similarly, in MVC application, every URL request must be match with URL of route table otherwise it will throw the error.
Let’s start this session, Today I am going to teach you on the below topic.
What is Route in MVC Framework?
How is it working in MVC application?
Where should I define the route details in MVC application?
How can you configure in MVC application?
How can you configure multiple routes in MVC application?

MVC Architecture

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ASP .Net

MVC Architecture

This article will describe the ASP .Net MVC architecture. We already discussed the basic of MVC framework.


  • It is one main component in MVC framework.
  • Application data and behaviour in terms of its problem domain and independent of the UI.
  • In other word it is data represent layer in MVC framework that mean It can able to handle data between View and Controller.


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ASP .Net
ASP .Net MVC framework developed by Microsoft. It is special developed framework to develop web application.
ASP .Net MVC is a lightweight as compare to ASP .Net web form. Please read more details on MVC new features of MVC Framework
Microsoft had introduced ASP.NET MVC in .Net 3.5.
Here, We will discuss the different versions of MVC Framework and their benefits and What Microsoft added new features in different version of MVC framework?

Create First Application using MVC Framework

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ASP .Net

Let us start to create our first application using ASP .NET MVC Framework.
We will learn all the related components in our upcoming article.

Step -1 
Open visual studio from all programs.

Step - 2
Select File --> New--> Project
New project pop up will open on your screen.
Choose web under Visual C# menu in Template categories.
Select "ASP .NET Web Application "
Change Project Name on name field.
Change project path as you wish.

Please find the below screenshot fig - 3.1 & 3.2 for your reference.

Folder Structure of MVC Project

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ASP .Net
Let us discuss the folder structure of MVC project.
Solution of project contains lots of folder such as App_Data, App_Start, Contoller, Content etc.
Please find the below screen shot(fig-2.1) for your reference.

MVC Framework Introduction

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ASP .Net

MVC Framework / Model View Controller

  • It stands for Model View Controller.
  • MVC framework is used to develop web application.
  • This framework developed by Microsoft on 2007.
  • MVC is an architectural pattern that can be separate tree main component such as Mode, View and Controller.